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BS-Metall as a subcontractor

BS-Metall manufacture demanding precision components, e.g. for the lock-, welding- and instrument industry. We handle most materials, even demanding alloys with small tolerances and high surface finish demands. In order to meet our customers’ demands we have a modern machine park and a motivated personnel.

Our capacity at the moment is:

5-7 axis turning


Swiss type turning

(D2 -D20 mm)

3-10 axis turning

Bar turning

(D5 -D65 mm)

with automatic loading (D50 – D120 mm)


(D50 – D200 mm)

5 axis FMS (400 x 400mm)


(200 x300 mm)

(D2 -D20 mm)


Thread turning

(D2 -D20 mm)

Thread turning


Hard part turning

(D2 -D20 mm)

Manufacturing process

We are continuously developing our manufacturing process and quality measures. Through a continuous dialogue with our customers we strive to improve our customer service. We are an ISO9001 certified company and through the guidance system we continuously develop our processes to achieve the highest possible quality. We target 100 percent delivery reliability and zero percent quality defects on delivered components.

We are following a set service- and support plan to achieve maximum usage rate of our machine park. By continuously developing the collaboration with our suppliers we can provide more extensive solutions for our customers.



In order to reduce our delivery times as well as optimizing our production, we have together with our customers agreed on a storage system.

Usually that means that we have one delivery in stock.