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About us

We are a CNC-Machining subcontractor located right outside Pietarsaari, Finland. We are specialized in demanding, mechanical precision components. Our value proposition consists of having high technical expertise and a modern machine park. We continuously strive towards excellence by constant process development and adopting the latest trends in the industry.

Today we employ 25 persons. Our philosophy is to engage the whole personnel in the development process. This increases the motivation and the well-being of the employees which in the end results in higher quality and productivity. In our working culture all employees take personal pride in their work.

Company information (2015)

Turnover – 4 000 000 euro
Employees – 24
Growth rate – 9,8 %




1991 – BS-Metall was founded. At that point the company was working in rented premises in Kållby, Pedersöre.
1993 – BS-Metall moved to their current premises in Sandsund, Pedersöre.
1997 – BS-Metall decided to concentrate on precision mechanics.
2002 – BS-Metall was chosen as the supplier of the year by Kemppi.
2004 – BS-Metall got an honor statement from Abloy for its component deliveries to their electronical lock systems.
2008 – BS-Metall was chosen as one of Abloy’s main suppliers.
2015 – BS-Metall was chosen as one of Kemppi’s main suppliers.
2016 – BS-Metall was certified with ISO 9001:2015